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Active Investor Plus Visa
In July 2022, New Zealand introduced a new category of investment migration called the "Active Investor Plus Visa." Simultaneously, the New Zealand government announced the complete closure of the previous Investor 1and 2 Resident Visa, with the new investment migration category commencing full acceptance in September of the same year.
The primary objective of this Active Investor Plus Visa is to attract experienced high-net-worth investors to invest in domestic businesses in New Zealand, promoting economic development and creating more high-skilled employment opportunities for the country.
2.Application Requirements
  • Investment equivalent to NZD 15 million, with a minimum investment of NZD 5 million (from legitimate sources).
  • Investment period of at least 4 years.
  • The applicant must reside in New Zealand for a minimum of 117 days during the 4-year investment period.
  • The applicant must meet the language requirements (IELTS 5 or above, TOEFL iBT 35 or above).
  • The applicant must meet the health requirements and have a good character (no criminal record).
3.Investment Requirements for the New Zealand Active Investor Plus Visa
Acceptable investments under the Active Investor Plus visa carry different weightings towards the NZ$15m investment threshold (Investor may invest across a combination of these):
  • Direct investments into businesses will receive the highest weighting (3x), e.g. an investor could meet the required investment amount by investing NZ$5m into direct investments. 
  • Investments into managed funds such as private equity or venture capital funds will also be upweighted (2x), e.g. an investor could meet the required investment amount by investing NZ$7.5m into private funds.
  • Investment into listed equities and philanthropy will receive no additional weighting (and each are capped at 50% of the NZ$15m investment requirement), e.g. an investor could meet the required investment amount by investing NZ$7.5m into listed equities and NZ$7.5m into eligible philanthropic causes.
4.Required Documents for Application
  • Photographs of the main applicant and dependents.
  • Copies of the main applicant's and dependents' passports.
  • Proof of designated funds and assets.
  • Medical and x-ray certificates, if applicable.
  • Certified copies of criminal record checks, if applicable.
  • Proof of the relationship and history between the main applicant and their partner, if applicable.
  • Proof of the relationship between the main applicant and any dependent children included in the application.
  • Proof of guardianship and dependency for any included dependent children in the application, if applicable.
  • Completion of the Residence Visa Application Form (INZ 1242) if someone is assisting with the application and if there are any family members aged 18 or older included in the application.
All individuals included in the application (main applicant + dependents) must prepare and upload the above information. If any of the documents are not in English, the main applicant must include an English translation.
5.Important Notes
  • If the application of the main applicant is approved by Immigration New Zealand, they will have six months to transfer and invest funds in New Zealand.
  • After the main applicant's application is approved as per the requirements, they can apply for a work visa to come to New Zealand to arrange the transfer and investment of funds. If the main applicant's partner wishes to accompany them to New Zealand, they will need to apply for a visitor visa. Dependent children can apply for student visas.
  • The main applicant must invest NZD 15 million or the acceptable weighted equivalent investment in New Zealand.
6.Advantages of the Investment Visa
  • Live, work, and study in New Zealand.
  • No requirement for business or management experience, no age requirement, no points-based assessment.
  • Spouse (18 years and older) and dependent children up to 24 years old can apply together.
  • Eligible to apply for permanent residency after completing a four-year investment period.