The United Kingdom
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The full name of the United Kingdom is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), which consists of four regions: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Location: Located between the North Atlantic and the North Sea, the United Kingdom is an island country in western Europe. It covers an area of ​​about 244,820 square kilometers and consists of the island of Great Britain (including England, Scotland, and Wales), the northeastern part of the island of Ireland and some small islands.

National Anthem: "God save the Queen" (if the reigning male monarch, the national anthem is changed to "God save the King")

National Flower: Rose

National Bird: Red-breasted Pigeon

National Stone: Diamond

Race: Caucasian (white).

Country code: +44
Time difference: UTC or UTC+1
Flight time: direct flight from Hong Kong to London Heathrow about 12 hours and 55 minutes, to London Gatwick about 13 hours and 15 minutes, to Manchester about 12 hours and 50 minutes.
Population: According to the latest statistics, the UK has a population of approximately 61.2 million, of which one-third live in the southeast of England (the capital London has 7.2 million). Among them, English people accounted for 83.6%; Scots accounted for 8.6%; there are other Welsh people accounted for 4.9%, Northern Irish people accounted for 2.9%, Indians accounted for 1.8% and Africans accounted for 1.8%.

Language: There is no official language in the UK, but English is actually the main language. There are also other official languages ​​outside of England, such as Welsh and Scottish Gaelic. There are other home languages ​​of the world, such as Bengali, Cantonese, Hakka, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

Currency: At present, the United Kingdom has begun to accept foreign currencies such as the euro and the US dollar, but the main currency is still the British pound, 1 pound sterling (£) = 10.70 Hong Kong dollars HK$.
Religion: Residents mostly believe in Protestant Christianity, mainly divided into the Church of England (also known as the Anglican Church, whose members account for about 60% of British adults) and the Church of Scotland (also known as the Presbyterian Church, with 660,000 adult members). There are also larger religious communities such as the Catholic Church and Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam.
Capital: London is the political center of the United Kingdom (the seat of the British royal family, government, parliament, and the headquarters of various political parties) and the headquarters of many international organizations, including the International Maritime Organization, the International Union of Cooperatives, the International PEN, the International Women’s League, and the Socialist International , Amnesty International, etc.
Economy: The UK is the country with the richest energy resources among the EU member states, mainly coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear energy and water power, but the main industrial raw materials rely on imports. The UK's economic aggregate ranks second in the European Union and fifth in the world. The service industry is the pillar industry of the British economy, accounting for 2/3 of the GDP.
National government: constitutional monarchy (adopting a parliamentary cabinet system).
Climate: Britain has an oceanic climate with mild and moderate weather, but the weather is quite variable. You should bring warm clothing and waterproof jackets when you travel to the UK in any season.