T. P. Au & Co., CPAs (Practising)
Tax Services
T.P. Au & Co., Certified Public Accountants (Practising) provides clients with comprehensive tax services including but not restricted to: 
1.  Acting as tax representatives of corporate and individual clients;
2.  Preparation and filing of tax returns on clients' behalf;
3.  Giving advice on the tax implications of client's existing affairs;
4.  Suggesting tax efficient solutions to clients in order to legally minimize the overall tax liabilities of clients;
5.  Assisting clients in handling IRD enquires, tax field audits and tax investigations;
6.  Lodging objections and appeals on clients' behalf in respect of unreasonable or unfair tax assessments;
7.  Requesting for tax refund on clients' behalf in respect of tax overpaid by clients; and
8.  Holding-over of provisional tax on clients' behalf.