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Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program
1.   The legal basis
Pursuant to Section 13D of the Vanuatu Citizenship Act [CAP 112], the Vanuatu Contribution Program (“VCP”) was set up as a result of the enactment of the Citizenship (Contribution Program) Regulation Order No. 220 of 2016 on 19th December 2016. 
According to the VCP as revised by the Vanuatu Government at the end of May 2018, with effective on 1st June 2018, eligible foreigners may apply for Vanuatu citizenship and passports by donating to the national development account in accordance with the list as below:
  • Single application: US$ 80,000
  • Family application:
 - Applicant + spouse: US$ 100,000
 - Applicant + spouse + 1 child under 18: US$ 115,000
- Applicant + spouse + 2 children under 18: US$ 130,000
Additional dependents:
  • Aged under 18: US$ 10,000
  • Aged 18-25: US$ 10,000
  • Aged 50 and above: US$ 10,000

The applicant may apply for the VCP together with the following dependents:
  • Spouse;
  • Children aged under 18 and unmarried children aged 18 -25 who are receiving  education from a college and fully supported by the main applicant;
  • Parents (of the applicant and his/her spouse) aged 50 and over.
2.   Eligiblility Requirements
In order to qualify for the VCP, the applicant must:
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have no criminal records;
  • have passed the due diligence check conducted by the Government of Vanuatu;
  • be healthy; and
  • have completed the required investment.
3.    Investment option
The applicant shall donate US$80,000 to the national development account of Vanuatu.  
4.   Other Application Costs  <Excluding our service fee> 
(1) Due Diligence Fee, Administrative fees and government levies:
  • Single application: US$ 50,000
  • Family application:
 - Applicant + spouse: US$ 55,000
 - Applicant + spouse + 1 child under 18: US$ 55,000
 - Applicant + spouse + 2 children under 18: US$ 55,000
       Additional dependent:
  • Aged under 18: US$ 5,000
  • Aged 18-25:       US$ 5,000
  • Aged 50 and above: US$ 5,000
(2) Passport fee: US$ 260 each
       5. Procedures and schedules

a. The documents and information requirements of the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program are quite simple and application procedures are very convenient. The due diligences requirements are reasonable and interviews are not required.
 b.  The applicant shall pay 25% of the required donation, government levies, due diligence Fee and administration fees upon submission of application form.
 c.  The applicant will be granted approval in principle in 2 - 4 weeks after submission of the application.
 d.  The applicant shall pay the balance (75%) of the required donation, government levies, due diligence Fee and administration fees and full amount of passport fees within 5 days after the approval in principle.
e.  1-3 weeks after full payment, the applicant and his/her dependants shall take oath in Hong Kong before the immigration officer of Vanuatu and will collect their passports on the same day.
6.    Advantages of Vanuatu citizenship
a. Low investment amount: donation of as low as US$80,000.
b. Short processing time: passports will be issued 1-2 months after submission the application;
c. Minimum entry requirements: No language, education, funding and business experience requirements;
d. One application for migration of up to three generations: the main applicant together with his/her spouse, their children and parents can obtain citizenship and passports of Vanuatu through one application.
e. No residency requirements for obtaining Vanuatu citizenship and passports.
f. Commonwealth passport: Visa free/ Visa on arrival in more than 141 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Malaysia;
g. Low tax rates: no exchange controls, no personal income tax, corporate tax, inheritance tax or VAT. No tax on offshore income, interest, gift, and estate and other property;
h. No restrictions on dual citizenship.
Note: This document is for reference only, all terms are subject to written contract.