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Granada  Citizenship By Investment Program 
1.   Legal Basis
The Citizenship by Investment Program came into being in 29 August 2013, when the Grenadian Parliament passed Act No. 15 of 2013, otherwise referred to as the ‘Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act, 2013.’ The stated objective of the Act is to “enable persons to acquire permanent residence and citizenship of Grenada by registration following investment in Grenada.”
The applicant may apply together with the following dependents:
  • Spouse;
  • Children aged under 18 and unmarried children aged 18 -25 at least 18 and less than 30 years old who are receiving education from a college and fully supported by the main applicant;
  • Parents and grandparents aged 65 55 and over of the applicant and his/her spouse.
2.   Requirements
To qualify for the Citizenship by Investment Program, the applicant shall:
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have no criminal records;
  • pass the due diligence check conducted by the Government of Grenada;
  • be healthy; and
  • complete the required investment.
3.   Investment Options
Investors can choose one of the following investment options:
(1)  Real Estate Option
 The applicant shall invest in an approved real estate project with the purchase consideration of not less than US$ 350,000 and hold the real estate for at least 5 years. Multiple applicants may purchase the same real estate project, but the amount of investment per applicant shall not be less than US$ 350,000.
The following government fees are payable in relation to applications through investments in approved real estate projects:  
  • Single Applicant: US$ 50,000 
  • Family Application:
  • Applicant with up to 3 dependents: US$ 50,000
  • Additional dependent after the third dependent: US$ 25,000
In addition, certain taxes and other costs shall be payable upon the applicant’s investment in a real estate project. The investment can be re-sold 3 years  after the date of investment and may be eligible for re-sale under the Citizenship by Investment Program 5 years after the date of investment.
(2)  Donation OptionNTF)
Applicants opting for the National Transformation Fund route must contribute as following:
  • Single Applicant: US$ 200,000 US$ 150,000
  • Family application:
  • Applicant with spouse: US$ 200,000
  • Applicant with up to 3 dependents: US$ 200,000
  • Additional dependent after the third dependent: US$ 25,000
4.     Other Government Fees
Besides government fees payable in the real estate option, the following fees are payable to the Government of Grenada for each application under the Citizenship by Investment Program (All Options):
(1)  Government Due Diligence Fee:
  • Applicant: US$ 5,000
  • Spouse: US$ 5,000
  • Each dependent child aged 0-16: US$ 0
  • Each child dependent aged 17 and over: US$ 5,000
  • Each parent aged over 55 and over: US$ 5,000
(2)  Government Processing Fee:
  • Single Applicant: US$ 1,500
  • Spouse: US$ 1,500
  • Each dependent child aged 0-16: US$ 500
  • Each dependent child aged 17-25: US$ 1,500
  • Each parent aged over 55 and above: US$ 1,500
(3)  Application Fee: US$ 1,500 (per person)
(4)  Interview Fee: US$ 1,000 (each applicant who are age of 17 or above)
(5)  Issuance of Grenada Permanent Residence Card: US$ 1,000 each
(6)  Oath of Allegiance Fees: US$ 50 each
(7)  Passport fee: US$ 250 each
5.   Procedures and schedules
The documents and information requirements of the Citizenship by Investment Program of Grenada are quite reasonable and application procedures are very straight forward, but interview is required. Applications through the donation route can be approved in 3 to 6 months. However, applications through the real estate route can take 4 to 8 months before approval is obtained because the real estate route involves purchasing properties, which requires more paperwork. In addition, most investors would usually visit the country first before deciding to purchase real estates, and thus more the processing time is required.
6.   Advantages of Grenada citizenship
a. Short processing time: passports can be issued 3-6 months after submission the application;
b. Low entry requirements: no language, education, funding and business experiences are required;
c. One application for migration of up to three generations: the applicant together with his/her spouse, their children and parents can obtain citizenship and passports of Grenada through one application;
d. No landing or residency requirements: the applicant and his/her dependents are not required to land or reside in Grenada for obtaining the citizenship and passports of Grenada;
e. Visa-free travel/visa-on-arrival travel to about 150 countries/regions: successful applicants and their dependents can enjoy visa-free/visa-on-arrival travel to about 150 countries and regions worldwide, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, United Kingdom, Ireland and Malaysia;
f. Low tax regimes: there is no exchange controls, personal income tax, corporate income tax, value added tax or inheritance tax in Grenada. Citizens of Grenada are not required to pay tax on their income, interest, gifts, assets and inheritances obtained overseas;
g.  Multiple citizenships allowed: dual and multiple citizenships are legally recognized in Grenada.
h.  Fast-track US E-2 visa application : Grenada’s citizens are eligible for the US E2 non-immigrant visa. 
Note: This document is for reference only, all terms are subject to written contract.